Learning Design Basics: Introduction

I’ve been playing the role of a Learning Designer for quite some time now – 5 years, 9 months as on date.

Of late, a bit of reflection has been doing rounds in my mind, prompting me to document my grasp of the learning design basics.

Reflection on the basics!

I reckon to myself that it’s worth the effort because these basic tenets are the very foundation upon which we get to erect great learning experiences. And, it does pay to crystallize my understanding of them time and again.

Interestingly, every time I look at these basics, I find that they aren’t the same anymore. They look much deeper than what I thought they were.  I realize it’s because my perception of them keeps changing (for better) thanks to the mistakes I make and the corresponding experiences I gain.

What better way to reinforce my understanding of the craft than by writing down my impressions… and, keep fine-tuning them as I go along!! While doing this, I am also keeping you in mind because you might give me some valuable inputs / feedback that would further consolidate my comprehension of the art.

The next (or rather, the first) post would focus on what I ‘get’ out of defining learning design and how I set myself to unravel its core requirement.



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