Gaining ‘true’ knowledge and transitioning it into wisdom is quite a personal and elusive experience… elusive because it primarily works on two drives.

The first is our intrinsic motivation to learn and keep learning.

The second is HOW this motivation gets us fired up. Interestingly, there are no set rules here. It’s so personal and personalized to the way we PERCEIVE our learning.

Minus the above, we head nowhere.

Having said that, SEEKING knowledge is the easiest, ’cause, it’s ‘right there’. We just need to open the window and we’ll be deluged instantly.

But making SENSE of what we’ve got is where the real challenge lies. What do we do with all the disparate chunks of knowledge we’ve got? We see they’re all over the place and wonder how to carve a cohesive path out of it. Which is the reason why Harold Jarche calls this Personal Knowledge Mastery. Not an easy thing to come by.

Next comes the SHARE part of the knowledge we’ve gained… another challenging milestone we SHOULD cross to ‘make it’. Why do we need to share? What do we gain from the share? Whom do we share with? Will it ‘reach’ even if we share?

Harold shares his enlightening insights on these questions in this podcast.


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