Movies whose plots are logically (and emotionally) tied-up together become instant blockbusters in our mind. Because we see the connect between the unfolding instances.

Subsequently, we appreciate directors for the sincere efforts they’ve taken to not make us feel we’ve wasted our precious time watching a frivolous work.

Learning Designers are the directors of courses they produce and learners, their audience.

Crafting logical, meaningful and immersive learning experiences becomes as much more critical because they are capable of IMPACTING lives.

The immersive part of the courses needs a special mention. It’s handled by meaningful interactivities that help learners take control of the content.

The word ‘meaningful’ gets an underline because that’s where the secret of the courses becoming instant blockbusters with learners lies.

Check out https://www.allencomm.com/blog/2018/10/interactivity-elearning-courses/ to appreciate the importance of interactivities.

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