Because, more often than not, things do go out of control… they don’t always stick to the course we’ve fore-planned.

It’s not to say we’ve been haphazard in our course of action. We’ve been thorough in our analysis of the context… we brainstorm all possible solutions… we make an informed decision on the most appropriate one based on our understanding and experience… and, we execute our conviction with impeccable precision. Still, things don’t turn out the way they should.

But, that’s understandable. Universal Law. Chaos Theory. Butterfly Effect. An infinitesimal (and therefore probably invisible) change in the initial conditions makes the system behave completely differently in later stages.

These changed conditions were probably not in our conscious control. But, they do become lessons by our conscious observation… which is a mark of an agile mind that quickly understands the sequence of actions and takes a corrective leap forward.

John Stepper puts it succinctly: It’s all part of the practice of accepting anything that happens in work and life. So, work on your craft as best you can and focus on offering your gift instead of focusing on the outcome.

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