Adventure the Power Within!

Oh! That interesting bundle of virtues and vices… how so inextricably it’s tied to our persona that it’s become very much an essential part of us.

No wonder then that we’re a microcosm unto ourselves – with those proud sparkles of glow interspersed with long eclipsed alleys of blackness.

Take a U-turn!

Ha! How inviting that command sounds! Stop that tearing rush on the way forward for a moment and turn around to adventure the inner journey for a change.

Quite a journey it’ll turn out to be, ’cause, there’re great truths waiting to be unraveled deep in there… the truths that would not only enlighten us on our dark shades of grey but also throw light on the inherently good Us.

That’s where lies the secret to true growth… we knowing ourselves for what we really are.

Easily said than done, of course! ‘Cause, there are deep recesses we don’t even know exist deep within us. Even if (and when) we come to recognize their presence, our first impulse would be to scoot, ’cause, we know they would scar our self-perception very badly.

They do, to me… all the time. As much as I know my virtues, I’m pretty much aware of my blank zones which draw a long, straight line highlighting an intellectual plateau. It feels scary to face this stark truth, but yeah, I also understand that this fear is what acts as the key to change.

Okay! Am I the only aberrant soul looking into the mirror on the wall and feeling all completely shaken up? Nope. No way.

Feels so very endearing to be in the amazing company of John Stepper, Harold Jarche, and Ryan Tracey, whose stunning candidness about self-awareness acts as a massive inspiration for me. It propels me to adventure the power within with a renewed vigor.

Here’s wishing myself the very best!

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