“Soooo funny!”

“Oh, yeah… you bet! Both of us were watching the same movie yesterday. But, both of us ended up watching different movies!”

“We’re laughing hard but yeah… seriously it was spooky. How can that be?”

“They say something like invisible interaction. You look at somethin’ slightly longer and that’s it… the movie senses your interest and takes you on a different track.”

“My God! Okay! What’s it that you saw that I didn’t? Okay… let me recall. The movie starts with that dramatic chopper ride. Man, it caused such super vertigo… it was like puky. Eeeks! Then, it drops us near the remote tribal hamlet. Then, we walk down that noisy, manic market street with all those clumsy characters blurring past us. By the way, what an amazing shot that was! We were right there, finding our way through the chaos. I just loved it. Okay. We walk and there we see this lovely sultana.”


“Mmm… Okay. I get it now. I did look at the ravishing beauty a bit longer. I think that did it. She smiles at me and leads me into a savage savannah which is all a riot of eye-piercing colors that she says is specific to their region. Ooooh… It was just absolutely wow.”

“Mmm! That’s where we split. How I wish I too got hooked to that female!”

“Right! What did you do?”

“You heard that loud explosion, right?”

“Yeah right, but I didn’t bother!”

I did. I turned right to see where it came from. I saw a massive fire erupt at a distance. It was so graphic, I lost myself lookin’ at it. Then, suddenly out of nowhere came this haggard guy into the frame and howled at me, ‘Invaders… let’s go see. Hurry.’ And, that was that. I started going after him and what followed was some appallingly hair-splitting stuff… running for life through the mayhem those hooligans unleashed. I was like, ‘get me to my chopper fast before it becomes too much.”

“Golly! It was just the opposite for me. I was like ‘Back to my chopper so soon? No way, no please! I don’t wanna get out of the movie.”

“My! Oh, my! I think we should go back and swap our stories.”

“I think we should. Let’s go.”


A rather simplistic fictional imagination awright, but it does point to an insanely exciting adventure that’s waiting in the wings for the story-teller to go berserk on. SCOPE, as we call it.

What I’m trying to do here is to – in realistic terms – connect with the points we discussed in the previous post.

  1. The fictional director here has intelligently worked on his agencies, aka points of interest. He has smartly blurred all the moving characters in the opening scene, so the viewers just don’t get a chance to look anywhere else till he wants them to.
  2. Then, he throws those two agencies at them at the crucial point. The first agency is the lady and the other agency is the explosion sound. While the first friend takes to the lady, the other responds to the sound.
  3. Driven by their own reflexes, both of them end up making their own stories which are so completely different from each other.
  4. Though both of them are in ‘total control’ of how they end their stories, it’s the story-teller who’s conceived the varied branching scenarios having the same end point. He has, in effect, got out of the driver’s seat only to rise up to have a bird’s eye view of the viewers making sense of (and learning from) their own interest points. Knowing their possible mind runs, he has already charted their paths that, at the end, culminate into the same climax.

I, kind of, imagine myself going bonkers over scripting such bizarrely ramifying storyline(s) that would take viewers for a solid ride.










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