“So, yeah… this is what the condition’s about. What I’m gonna do is… mail you a comprehensive note by this evening, listing all guidelines that will keep you safe… if you follow them. Okay? Don’t you worry! You gonna be perfectly alright. And, don’t forget. I’m gonna be with you throughout. We’ll make it.”

Best intentions passed on. All information shared. 100%.

Upshot: Enhanced respect. Immense gratitude… because every detail’s divulged. Not that it’s any rocket science. It’s an open secret, in fact. Maybe, it’s tweaked up a li’l bit to suit my condition. But, by and large, everyone – especially those who belong to the ‘inner circle’ – knows about it.

Okay, so… I’ve everything at my fingertips. All I need to do is assimilate all the information I’ve got, put all of it together and apply it. Apply it. Just practice it. Practice. It’s really that simple.

Mmm… if only it were that simple!

Practicing and applying are the most frustrating experiences of the effort I take to transition myself into something else, however insignificant it may be. ‘Cause, I’m trying to swim against the very current I’ve been flowing with all along. I’m trying to undo habits I’ve been habituated to so far while simultaneously trying to cultivate new ones. Not an easy thing at all. Calls me to be brutally honest with myself!

But, then… that is KNOWLEDGE. Information, by itself, doesn’t change a thing for me. No way.

It’s something like I see a yoga guru demonstrating Urdhva Dhanurasana. Ha! Bending backward and touching the floor? Looks so easy. Really. And, to make it all easy for me, she has also listed the steps I need to do in sequence. What more can I ask for? That’s it. I’m makin’ it.

But, can I?

Any new information, any new habit becomes part of me only when I painstakingly internalize it by practicing it over and over again. It’s only this way I convert information into knowledge. That is, I know how information works.

Now, with this enlightening perspective lighting up my understanding, I cut to the previous post and look at what the ‘fitness enthusiast’ told his friend over phone. “As discussed, I spoke to him yesterday but didn’t reveal any information on how we fix things.”

Whoa! What appalling ignorance that beguiles him into thinking that he’s giving it all away just like that! And, what insecurity that makes him hold back something that he should, in fact, be freely giving away! And, what mental quarantine he’s subjecting himself to, by not sharing!

Quarantine? How does ‘not sharing’ lead one to mental quarantine?

Let me get on with scripting the next post.

So long…

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