History has a strange beauty. It makes us feel like fuller people… if we turn around and take a closer look at it, that is.

Needless to mention, we’re the products of History. And, it only seems fair we trace our roots in our own interest. ‘Cause, it helps us stay grounded. And, healthy. In both psychological and physiological terms.

What better way to relish History than to be beckoned to script a project on History – the history of South Indian monuments?


The writer in me is enthralled, ’cause the deep desire to write has landed me on something absolutely unusual. The journey back into the past!

The first phase of the journey saw me drive to Mamallapuram, the architectural seat of the Pallava kingdom. This was on March 22nd.

Contemplations, reflections, and brand new perceptions about these monumental beauties filled me in as I registered them in my smart phone as visual queries. Queries that will take me deep into the historical jungle.

Excited about the upcoming adventure.


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