I’m notorious for firmly burying my feet into the ground and saying NO to anyone who suggests that I travel, see different places.

Notorious, for two reasons.

ONE: I just don’t feel like traveling for the sake of traveling. Of course one learns a lot by seeing lots of places. I don’t deny. But, I counter that fact with another fact that there’s so much I can learn just by sprawling in my den. Books, TV, movies, Google… there’s so much to get a taste of the world from, albeit vicariously.

TWO: I love where I stay… the environs of my home, my city, and my country.

So, that way, Chennai is heaven for me. It’s a peaceful piece of land that has a rhythm of its own… a rhythm that’s neither too fast nor too slow.

It’s not blindingly bright like other fast-paced cities, but is pleasantly colorful in its own right.

Sample these…







This lovely joint is the Senate House I visited on 23 March 2019 to check out a photographic exhibition. More on this exhibition in the next post.

Now, the Senate House is a 19th Century monument that seamlessly blends the Indo-Saracenic style with Byzantine architectural features.

What an immense pleasure it was focusing the lens of my smartphone on the beauty of this imposing building! It sits cozily in the University of Madras campus!

And, makes me feel proud of my endearing Chennai!

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