…till I actually did it.

With Version 1 of THE ASTRAL SURGE that I had written more than 20 years ago.

I was a photographer then. I had a lot of free time between shoots. I commuted quite a bit on my cycle. Flashes of dramatic scenes used to streak across my mind when I was pedaling around. And, I was like, “Wow! These look interesting and why not write them down just for the sake it?!”

I did as I was told, little knowing I was actually writing THE ASTRAL SURGE.

As I said, it was Version 1.

Cut to the present. 2018, to be precise.

The publication arena has opened the floodgates (like never before) for writers to go ahead and author their stories… or, whatever they wanted to. So many opportunities. So many invitations.

I too got mine.

Immediately, I pulled out Version 1 of THE ASTRAL SURGE to do some quick edits wherever required and push it for publication. 

It was really as simple as that. Or, so I thought.

‘Cause, when I did get to editing it, I was in for a rude shock. My writing was crappy to say the least. I cringed tracking the verbosities and digressions that meandered aimlessly to almost intolerable levels. The language sucked, big time.

The only salvage point was the storyline. It was solid.

Now, I had two options in front of me. Scrap the whole thing. Or, get merciless with the editing. I chose the latter… and, became my own nemesis.

I ruthlessly deleted all meaningless chunks. And, I researched to add credible and authentic stuff to support the plot. I deleted more of the remaining redundancies. And, I added more meat. And, I further deleted many more of the inanities.

I went on a self-inflicted rampage, basically.

And, at the end of what seemed like a long massacre march, I was like, “Okay! Now, I’m ready to push this for publication!” And, it happened.


Sigh! And, a long one at that! It was really worth it… all the brutal butchering. ‘Cause, what ultimately came out was a slick version I was pretty pleased with.

And, happily, I wasn’t alone in feeling that way.




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