Just finished reading Homo Deus. My impressions? Here they’re!

Harari goes on a mind-blowing clinical adventure, almost prophesying a scary future that’s sure to demolish all our beliefs of who we are, and our take on religion, politics, emotions and our very own experiences that have hitherto ruled all our actions.

All this is gonna be overruled by the new religion called Dataism that’ll change the very basis of our existence.

Scary, no doubts! But, the sooner we get ready for such a probable possibility however intimidating, the better it is for us.

Harari, however, puts in a nice caveat at the end of the book, saying, “If you don’t like some of these possibilities, you’re welcome to think and behave in new ways that will prevent these particular possibilities from materializing.

“This book traces the origins of our present-day ideologies and social systems in order to loosen their grip and enable us to act differently and to think in far more imaginative ways about our future.”

In a nutshell: This treatise is truly an eye-opener to the inevitable transition we humans are going through, probably unconsciously – without an iota of an idea of how we’re re-scripting our destiny.

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