My heartfelt thanks to Readers’ Favorite for this encouraging review of THE ASTRAL SURGE!

This ‘thanks’ is very special because this professional review body owned and operated by authors for authors doesn’t thrust any book on anyone, asking them to review it. Instead, they let reviewers choose the books they want to review.

“As a company, we play no part in the time it takes for a book to receive a review because we do not assign books to reviewers; they select them from a detailed list. Reviewers search through the genres they are interested in, read your description, look at your cover, and can even read a portion of your book to ensure it is something they are interested in reading. We designed this process to mimic that of a bookstore to ensure you get a reader who represents your core audience.”

By the above condition, K. C. Finn picking up THE ASTRAL SURGE from so many other books is indeed a special moment for me.

I would forever cherish this wonderful and highly encouraging review he has honored the novel with.


THE ASTRAL SURGE: Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

The Astral Surge is a work of suspenseful and interesting concept fiction penned by author Nirmal Ranganathan. This short, sharp novel packs a lot of paranormal punch, as siblings Catherine and Ron Osborne are parted by their choices when they encounter the power and beauty of Nature. Whilst Catherine becomes a force for good and the positive, Ron is drawn into deep darkness. Their mother Andrea sees Ron’s descent, and returns after her death to try to stop her son. But this intervention from the other side causes a whole new chain of terrifying events to take place.

With some graphic violence and frightening situations, this mature short novel certainly has a lot of entertainment value. Whilst I feel that the central characters could have been a little more developed if the novel were longer, the action sequences and paranormal concepts were truly excellent. The theme of choice and consequence plays out to an excellent but startling plot conclusion that I genuinely didn’t see coming, and author Nirmal Ranganathan weaves fantastic descriptions into every scene to bring ethereal worlds together. I liked the occasional mixing of the mundane with the paranormal, which added an eerie realism to the work. This makes it seem as if power and energy were always there, under the surface.

Overall, I would certainly recommend The Astral Surge to paranormal fiction fans looking for a quick and highly enjoyable adventure read, and I’d be keen to look out for more developed works from Ranganathan in the future.


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