My Photographic Moments!

You learn swimming. But, you don't swim for years. And, people are like, "Oh! You haven't been swimming. You may forget it." One fine day, someone pushes you off the cliff-edge into the serene pond beneath. And, surprisingly, there you're, swimming like a fish. Isn't it as real as that? And, isn't it kiddish, what... Continue Reading →

My Monumental Moments!

Delighted with my present professional engagement - as a writer, videographer, photographer and voiceover artist - on the Monument Universe project, front-ended by my friend Venkatesh Natarajan. Monument Universe - branded MonU - is an initiative that aims to provide users insights into the architectural brilliance of the Indian monuments. It does this through an... Continue Reading →


Those of us blessed with a comfortable life are definitely the minority compared to those who are not. Not by the number maybe but by the sheer scale of misery the unfortunate lot go through for absolutely no fault of theirs. Children suffering physical and sexual abuse at the hands of adults who are supposed... Continue Reading →

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