A Clear Mind Has A Clear Vision!

But, getting to that state isn’t easy, ’cause, getting colored is.

It happens just like that… all thanks to various kinds of influences that barrage us from all sides. Electronic, religious, parental, peer, and sometimes, even spiritual.

Keeping the mind unaffected by these influences isn’t easy at all. And, keeping it up to its pristine, pure, unadulterated potential is almost next to impossible. Understandably.

But, if we do appreciate the beauty of having a clear mind, we’ll automatically start devising our own unique, ingenious ways of inching towards it.

Then, we’ll start sighting things the way they’re, like the way children do… 


…not the way we’ve been ‘seeing’ them.

A child doesn’t – can’t – see things any other way than they really are. ‘Cause, opinions and biases of circumstances aren’t formed (as yet). Though this is a default condition that happens naturally without any conscious control, the challenge is to maintain this ‘state of mind’ as we grow.


‘Cause, it is during this run of growing into the world that we form our impressions and encounter the trap of ‘getting colored’. Interestingly, more often than not, we fall into it quite happily. Which is quite natural too.

But, it is from here that we rise – evolve – into getting back (to) that pristine state of mind, by a conscious introspection and reflection.

When we do, we slip into the state of Nirvana. We slip into, cause, it also happens just like that.



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