The Concept of Channel!

Mind is so much like water. It flows freely. And, in all directions.

It’s from this perspective that the concept of channel looks pretty interesting.

As is obvious, the channel lets water flow in the desired direction so it can reach its intended destination.

This seems so much like a perfect, logical analogy for the mind as well.

Here’s why.

The chances and dangers of the mind going astray are quite real. Though this sounds like some sort of abstract, almost meta-physical interpretation, we do see irrefutable examples of such instances.

As much as it can be a powerful instrument, the mind could also turn into an authoritarian demon, producing a catastrophic impact if let loose like a wild river. The thing is, come to this advanced stage, there’s really nothing that could be done to rewind the mind to its original, supple state.

Knowing what is possible, the best way to help the mind stay true to its potential is to consciously and caringly protect it from unnecessary distractions* and set it on the path of self-realization.

Make the protection part as unshakable as a rocky culvert and cement it non-porous, so the mind gets a defined sense of direction and steers itself toward achieving the potential it’s designed for.

*Distractions come in various guises and are, by themselves, an interesting topic of discussion.

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