My view becomes vision when I rise. Consciously.

The devil is in details.

Which means, I need to look at every little thing, up close. Really close. ‘Cause, that’s where lies the key to the ever-elusive perfection.

So, having to be ‘micro’ all the time is a virtue. Definitely.

Or, is it?

Does it, by any chance, indicate another possibility? Of trapping me into becoming myopic?

Possibly, yes.

Like for instance, can my being mindful of every penny I spend on stuff, push me into being money-minded… the state in which I start valuating experiences and relationships only from the money angle?


Some sort of reflections on these lines tell me that this is one of the reasons why people possibly start feeling miserable, ’cause, they get so much mired in the micro aspects of life that they completely miss the big picture.

So, the lesson my reflection brings along for me is this: As much as I should stay super-micro with my focus, I should also be able to rise. Rise above the ground level to such altitude that my view automatically converts into a broad, panoramic vision. A vision that helps me understand that I’m just a dune in the sand on the vast beach and that whatever turmoil I go through is nothing compared to what so many others go through.

This logical realization burns whatever that remains of the myopic I. And, brings about a happiness that’s almost eternal.

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