The beauty of cultivating a photographic eye!

There’s a very interesting contention. Which most of us are so conversant with.

When you can get totally lost just by watching the beauty of the whole thing using your God-given eyes, why dilute it by composing a fragmented, dented view of the entire scene with a small little frame?

A frame that snatches your self away from its core and puts it on an egoistic high.

Absolutely valid contention, this.

But, interestingly, as how every coin has the other side to it, this debate too has another angle, and a beautiful one at that… at least for me.

When I train my God-given eyes to view the rapturous scene through a defined frame, my mind eye starts registering everything – almost everything – with a photographic detail.

And, even a very inconsequential moment gets captured with an insightful perspective.

Subjective? Maybe! But, it’s a personal truth that leaves me with a deep appreciation of the need to cultivate a photographic eye.

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