Being lean! And, being simple!

Both are so easily said than done.

‘Cause, both the body and the mind get happily fat as life’s temptations are too yummy for them to resist.

Against this backdrop, how can we even talk about the pluses of being lean and simple?

Excuse me… Did I hear you blabber something just now? Did you say ‘give up on pleasures and be lean & simple’?  Are you nuts? We just started. We aren’t sages. Not as yet.

And, voila! There we go, relishing the relentless act of giving-in!

But, interestingly, amidst all this clamour for hitting the sensual highs, there does come an occasional rude reminder. Watch out! You bloatin’ up!

And, funnily, that’s when resolutions also happen… only to evaporate as fast as they materialized, ’cause, impulsive, knee-jerk reactions can only do so much… read ‘zilch’.

The best way, it appears, is to change the lifestyle itself. Just like how we stop walking once we start driving.

It’s just about knowing how things work. And, how they don’t. Once that realization happens, the lifestyle changes. Just like that.

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