Rituals, their mysterious ‘connect’ angle!

Picture taken at Kachalishwarar Temple, Chennai, on January 15th, 2020

All of us come into this world with this ‘de-facto’ state of not being painted with any religious shade.

No child, for instance, identifies themself as a flag-bearer of any religious mission.

But, as we go along, we start bracketing ourselves into a particular religious thought process. And, eventually, we imbibe it as part of our personality itself. Then happens some sort of groupism.

Jew. Jain. Christian. Muslim. Hindu.

But, in all fairness to this groupism, it does bring in a feel-good sense of belonging, security, and celebration. Think Christmas. Think Dussehra.

But, ironically, there’s another side to what’s enlightening at the outset… an insidious angle that kills in the very context of religion, caste and all stuff related. We see it happen every day. And so, there’s no deluding ourselves against this reality.

So, we decide – at least fictionally – to discard all religious cloaks and go reverse in full throttle… to the very genesis of these religious intentions.

They’re, in their essence, utterly pristine and unadulterated links designed to help us connect with the Supreme Consciousness. There are myriad routes yes, but all of them enigmatically lead to the same destination… The One.
And, the rituals they follow are equally mysterious, yet soul-fulfilling.

The scene I happened to freeze on my mobile (flashed on the headboard of this post) was quite a mesmerising sight.

While I was standing by, I watched the priest whisper the divine language, artistically choreographing his hands and fingers in  invoking the Cosmic Energy to consume what he had to offer through the channel of Agni… bowls of raisins, cashews, fruits, sugar, and ghee.

At this moment, the smirk of a critical mind surfaces in my mind, scaffolding itself on the scientific improbability of what could be called a wild fantasy.

Fair enough.

But, I’m saying “So be it”. And, I skirt the scientific debate on the strength of an equally powerful contention that the word ‘blessing’ can’t be scientifically validated either.

And so, I  choose to go entirely with my sensory perceptions and their impact on my un-religious psyche.

It’s something like I see a lamp flicker in the gentle breeze and feel a sense of serenity. And, I see the same fire raging down a dry forest, I sense my blood pressure shoot up. I panic.

So, it’s all about how I feel about certain things. Back to the offerings, the ritual does give me a sense of ‘offering what I have’. A sense of communion. And a deeper sense of connection. I just feel it.

But, what do I get out of this feeling? Something immeasurable.

By offering whatever I have – and therefore whatever I am – to The One, I become part of The One itself.

That’s how I’m supposed to be, anyways. That’s how I’m originally designed.

Just that these un-scientific rituals help me stay that way.

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