Challenges do help us grow and go forward. Does that mean we should go after them?


‘Being compulsively positive’ is a special state of mind… doesn’t happen just like that. Its birth spot is chaos. And, its thriving arena is tribulation.

Life just full of fun and frolic? Ha! How boring! Everything is so sweet. Consistently and saturatingly. No undulations. No ups and downs. No roller-coaster. And, no thrill.

So? Go looking for danger?

This is equally funny.

The thing is… Life never spares anyone. It’s some sort of a great leveller. Comes in cycles. And, does what it could do best.

Which means, we don’t need to go after challenges… they come to us on their own. We just have to be braced-up to face them. With courage. With equanimity. And, with willingness. To learn, to grow. Then, we start weathering the weather. Naturally.

Then, one look at us… and folks would know that we know.

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