It’s like playing a role in a Hollywood film.

Walk into any public arena. Say, a grocery store. There’s this numbing feel that something potentially lethal, dangerously real and spookingly invisible is stalking us while we walk down the aisles.

Unnecessary hallucination? For once NO!

The broadcast media screaming in alarm alerting us of the exponential spread of the virus – avariciously swallowing up lives – is no imagination.

So… should we be afraid? We should be! This is why.

The prescription ‘Soap your hands often to keep yourself safe’ is fine, ’cause, the envelop of this virus is made of lipids and therefore solvents are the best to wash it away. Perfect.

But, in real terms, does this sound way too simplistic? It does.

Consider this.

Walking down the aisles, I pick up the needed essentials from the store, taking care not to take my hands anywhere close to my face. I am being careful, ’cause, I’m not sure if the virus is sitting on any of the items I just picked.

I come back home, keep the bags in a safe corner. And, immediately rush to the washroom, clean my hands with soap for 20 seconds and let the water run off my palms and hands, washing the virus away.

I’m clean now.

I come back to where I placed my grocery bags and pull out the items I immediately need. Unwrap them…

…and, I’m back in contact with the virus.

I empty the contents in ‘clean’ containers. Just they they aren’t clean any more. The virus is right there in my kitchen with a shelf life of two hours. Two hours is too long a time for me not to be impacted, though for all practical purposes, I just sanitized myself clean. Which means, I have to rush to the washroom, once again.


And, the scariest question is… will I remember to clean myself consistently like this? I may not. This is the scare, ’cause, I am living with the virus right now and it can engulf me any second. And, there are technically 7,200 seconds… as far as the grocery bags go. Way too many.

And, mind you… this is just a one-off, isolated, hypothetical situation. Bring in the head-spinning permutation-and-combination angle to all my exposures and the algorithm throws my ‘safe’ chances out of the window.

So, does this spooky possibility spike up my awareness levels to supersonic levels? It does.

Theatrically, does it make me feel like I’m Sigourney Weaver in Aliens? It does. It should.

Then, there’s a good possibility that I’ll stay safe.


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