Turn around and look 40,000 years into the past.

You see a group of strange, upright ape-like creatures roaming around on the surface of the earth with a brain that was an off-shoot of a blind and unguided evolution.


Very primitive in their anatomical and mental make-up, these Homo sapiens could absorb only those details that were locally relevant to them. Nothing beyond that.

Naturally! They didn’t have a clue on the structure of the solar system for instance. Or, for that matter, the curvature of space-time. Or, their own evolutionary origins. And, the concept of cosmos was way beyond their cognitive abilities.

But, that was then.

As the clock of evolution ticked by, this species started doing something miraculous. Because they were walking upright, they looked at their free hands and they were like, “Why not use these to explore things around?” Eventually, they started making tools out of stones and tree trunks. Their brains exploded into THINKING.

And, as a social cluster, they took advantage of their ‘cumulative cultural knowledge‘ (also interpreted as cumulative cultural evolution).

Over a period of time, they started inventing advanced technological devices that helped them experience things their naked brain couldn’t.

Microscopes, X-rays, Geiger counters, radio satellites, UV light, gravitational waves.

And, today…

These ‘once-primitive’ beings are at a crucial juncture where the technology they devised has taken over to accelerate the pace of evolution for them. In every sphere of their life.


And, so… by the sheer astonishing speed of their growth, these beings have catapulted themselves to the forefront of evolution. They know quite a bit about bacteria and viruses, DNA and molecules, supernovas and black holes, electromagnetic spectrums and a wide array of various other strange things. And, their informed minds have reached out not just to objects millions of light-years away from our planet, but also to extremely tiny objects far below the perceptual limits of their sense organs.

These suave creatures have, in effect, ARRIVED. They’ve become impregnable.



Stunningly and almost incongruously, their minds seem to still suffer from some sort of cognitive seizure when it comes to certain elements. Their understanding of things seems terribly distorted somewhere. And, they seem prone to crashing into opaque deadends that completely blind their vision, letting them stare into the void in utter incomprehension.


Is it because they feel they’ve become omnipotent? Is it because they think they’ve mastered Nature once and for all? Is it because they assume they have become invincible in the entire animal kingdom to which they belong? And, are they forgetting that they are the children of Mother Nature?

Looks like the answer to all these questions is a simple Yes.

If that is indeed the case, then, Mother Nature would waste no moment in establishing her supremacy in ways that would be extremely inimical to their stunted intelligence.

Like what she’s doing right now… one more time!

She is – yet again – reminding them that she is THE MOTHER. She’s reminding them that they’re just an infinitesimal part of her intelligent creation. And, she’s making them realize that they are, in effect, NOTHING.


Simply pulling a thread out of one of their own brutal acts – of torturing and humiliating their animal brethren in the wilderness – she has unleashed amongst them a micro-organism they can’t even see, leave alone contain it with all their technological ingenuity. She has let the organism pervade through the veins of the species in such speed they can’t even cope up with, leave alone overtake it.

Result: The superpowers of the world are shutting themselves down in abject fear… fear of something that’s scaringly invisible but is there right next to their peoples ready to consume them.

Looks like there’s no solution to this eerily creepy scene. Or, is there?

It is there. Very much. Just that it’s deeply spiritual in its prescription.

Love Nature through every breath of yours. Love Her from deep within your heart… in every possible way. Realize that you’re very much part of her and that you can’t – shouldn’t – do anything that would alienate you from Her.

And, see this realization and love catalyze into a supreme protection that no medicine can replace.


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