Certain professions gift us with decent standards of morality. They help us feel sublimely fulfilled – in the eyes of God.

Wedding photography / videography, for instance. It’s no crime… doesn’t defraud anyone… doesn’t belittle anyone. Instead, it keeps its subjects quite happy. If handled well, that is.

But, life is hardly as ideal. It has a barbarous, harsh, fierce, inhumane side which many people get brutally exposed to. Pushed into some abominably deprived conditions, they don’t have any choice except to fight their way out. At any cost.

At any cost!!

This is where the so-called morality with all its rules of righteousness starts losing its vibrant colors to some dangerous shades of grey.

What’s right? What isn’t? What’s ethical?  What isn’t? Whom does one accept as their moral judge? None. Except themself.

Just like Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler.

A petty thief by life circumstances, he struggles to get out of this despicable state and get himself a better placement in life. Setting himself on this perilous journey, wagering his very life, he writes his rules of righteousness and morality that are exclusively his. No one certifies him. ‘Cause, he hasn’t authorized them to.

Using his primitive intelligence as his tool, he arm twists life to his advantage. But, what he maintains as an uncompromising principle to his making it big in life is his steely INTEGRITY.

He sticks to his word, sets himself on lofty – though immoral – standards of performance, is reasonable in his demands, though they’re quite extracting. He disintegrates the legal system by his sheer cunning intelligence, ’cause, it’s out to chase him down to nothing… on grounds that what he’s doing is illegal.

This is how it is for a majority of people.

How they come out of their dire straits is up to them. Just that they’ve to carefully choose the aptest strategies and principles to get to where they wanna be, ’cause, it’s these that decide their success.

Or, their debacle.


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