BEINGS treated as OBJECTS is an age-old practice. No surprises there.

Bulls and donkeys. Seen as objects that help transport people and things.

Cows. Seen as objects that produce milk.

Women. Seen as objects that provide carnal pleasure.

How about OBJECTS then? Cars. Air-conditioners. Motorcycles. Mobiles. Computers. Artificial Intelligence. How do we expect them to be treated other than as MERE objects?

That’s the rule of the game. That’s how the game is played… by the rules. Mostly.

Which means, not always. ‘Cause, there’s something called ‘breaking the rules’ too. It’s also been an age-old practice.

Rebels. Mavericks. Off-beats. This breed does just the opposite of what’s stipulated as a rule. Treating OBJECTS as BEINGS, for instance.

Like how Julia (Maika Monroe) does with Tau, the Artificial Intelligence infrastructure playing the protagonist in this expertly crafted movie. Julia doesn’t treat it as an OBJECT but as a BEING. Basically, to save herself from the entrapment she’s abducted into.

Though at first, the OBJECT reacts strangely to being treated like a BEING, it slowly turns around to actually becoming a BEING in helping her escape from the antagonist Alex (Ed Skrein).

Though the premise sounds highly fantastical, the fact does remain that objects we use every day can actually turn into beings, becoming our friends, helping us out of difficult situations.

Depends on us. The way we choose to see them.

As they say, TRUTH comes alive for those who believe in it.


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