Why’s it that we feel secure – and, sometimes even happy – in a stranger’s silent company? On board a train or a flight, for instance!

And, just the opposite in someone else’s?


They’re no figments of imagination and can’t – even on scientific grounds – be brushed aside as mere hallucination.

These chemosignals are so powerful that they can, at times, be felt even physically. Our pulse, for instance, races just on reading fear in someone’s eyes. We instantly and instinctively start watching out for danger.

The science behind it?

The antenna of our nervous system, packed with chemical sensors, picks up signals from elements and emotions filling our immediate environs.

Which is why we see people smile at us effortlessly when we are in a happy mood. And, enquire if everything’s okay when we sulk. All of this, with no words. Mind you.

Take this one step forward. We attract good souls when we constantly nurture good thoughts. And, get into bad company when we harbor negative ones.

Sounds implausible, but that is the Enigma of vibes.


Great movies, in general, are characterized by nuanced – yet exaggerated – cinematic treatment of the topics they delve into.

Thelma, a Norwegian film, is one such. Sensitively crafted, it dramatises the vibe element to some spooky, ethereal extremes with its astounding script and mesmerising cinematography. Makes the implausible so believable.

Just that it may not cater to minds that are conservatively constructed.

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