Blessed are those who let themselves be driven by passion, ’cause, they’ve realized that this enormous energy is gonna keep their mind, body and soul charged up for the entire span of their lives. They’ve understood that money or no money, they would live.

And, interestingly, they also know that passion is a double-edged sword. It can explode, if not handled with care, ’cause, it’s uni-dimensional. It blazes ahead on a defined trajectory, single-mindedly focused on its destination, and doesn’t care much about anything else.

So, what happens to other phases of life that thrive on sublime stuff like love, silence, affection, bonding, relaxation, meditation, altruism et al? They aren’t the direct opposite of passion but the mellow effect they produce is as much a fulfilling part of life as passion is.

Which is why, passion needs to be channelised and regulated. Else, it can kill.

That’s exactly what one gets to experience watching BURNOUT, a French film that literally races on a pulse-racing script, pitching passion against love.

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