But, interestingly sometimes – no, quite a few times, honestly – it just doesn’t happen.

Especially when Horror leans too heavily on the visual and audio effects as if they are its only protagonists and their filling in most of its screen space would suffice to tell a story that doesn’t exist.

Gets spooky, watching something that isn’t out there. Pun intended. And, we feel like running out of the cinema, because of the ‘fear of the unknown’. Pun intended once again.

But, a few movies do cross this rather inane line quite refreshingly and give a make-believe personality to this highly elusive subject.

The Awakening, for instance...

The Awakening-3

…or, for that matter, The Rite.

The Rite - 2

The subject of horror is quite elusive because it belongs to the ‘beyond normal’ realm and therefore, is subject to a highly critical, logical, and common-sensical scrutiny. And, if not handled sensitively, it would collapse under its own weight. Which is what happens many times.

But, this is where these two movies score. Big time.

Their protagonists (Rebecca Hall in The Awakening and Colin O’Donoghue in The Rite) ask all sorts of logical questions you and I would ask about ghosts and about all things paranormal. And, like us, they refuse to accept the ‘hallucination of a sick mind’ and even go to the extent of pooh-poohing the very concept.

It’s at this point that these movies take off, taking us along for a thrilling ride. When they do so, they don’t just succeed in keeping us glued to their plots… 

…but they make us believe in the possibility called PARANORMAL.


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