Carrie Pilly

Can two individuals be exactly the same? No way. They can never be. ‘Cause, everyone is so absolutely unique that they just can’t be compared with anyone else.

Which means, I’m off-beat for you. And, you’re off-beat for me. ‘Cause, we are unique in our own ways.

Isn’t it really as simple and as refreshing as that? And, isn’t it something we really need to take immense pride in? Then, why’s it that many of us are afraid to be labeled off-beat? Why’s off-beat seen as abnormal? Why does this stigma chase even the most intelligent people? Like Carrie in the movie Carrie Pilby? – so amazingly portrayed by Bel Powley.

‘Cause, off-beat people don’t / can’t belong. ‘Cause, they’re aware they’re unique. And, that’s a real pain-point, ’cause, there are lots of others who belong mindlessly, ’cause, they probably aren’t aware they’re unique.

Nothing’s wrong with our belonging, per se. It’s with ‘how we belong’ that we’ve issues with.

Like-minded people belong, having a common thread of interest tying them together. No problems there at all. But, we aren’t talkin’ about such people. ‘Cause, they wouldn’t stigmatize those who are like them.

We are talkin’ about the general lot who do find it easy to blacklist off-beat souls, ’cause, they can’t dare to be different themselves. Such people form ‘the society’ in general. And, that’s a huge majority.

And, so… it’s no surprise that we’re face to face with this irresistible temptation to belong. And, sadly, many of us do settle for the compromise. We start belonging. Just for the sake of it. Just for the fear of being seen as outliers.

And, that is the beginning of the end… end of our unique personality. ‘Cause, it’s always either-or. We can’t be both.

So… is there any prescription to cure oneself of this strange dilemma?

Watch yourself very closely. Know who you are. Recognize what you’re designed for. Live your unique personality. Celebrate it. With yourself. In your company. Let souls of your wavelength find you of their own accord. Then, belong.

If you belong this way, you can have the cake and eat it too. What more can one ask for?

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