War Machine - 1

But, it’s so easily said than done.

Are we stating the most obvious here? Obviously not.

Here’s why.

Brad Pitt knows he is Brad Pitt. He has to. ‘Cause, the entire movie production is riding on that one single big name ‘Brad Pitt’ for the box office run.

Critically high stakes!

Okay… let’s, just for a moment, cut to another protagonist.


In the normal course of our lives, we too are acutely aware of who we are. We are aware of the critical roles we play in our lives.

Teacher, Entrepreneur, Electrician, Doctor, Auditor.

Father, Daughter, Mother, Son.

The more aware we are of our roles, the more successful we become in the way we execute them.

Now, is there anyway we can cease to be who we are even for a moment? Considering the fact that we’ve so many responsibilities gravely attached to our roles? Wouldn’t we risk derailing them just by changing our roles albeit for a short time? A doctor deciding to become a full-time writer, for instance?

Mind you… we aren’t, for the moment, considering souls who choose to be reckless with themselves and others.

Okay, having drawn some sort of analogy between two real-time scenarios, let’s get back to our main protagonist.

If Brad Pitt is not gonna be aware he’s Brad Pitt, how could he ever carry the weight of the movie and all stakes attached to it on his shoulders?

But, we’re saying he should cease to be Brad Pitt and metamorphose into characters he plays. Glen McMahon, for instance. We say there shouldn’t be even traces of Brad Pitt even at the thought level. ‘Cause, if there are, we wouldn’t see Glen. Only Brad.

War Machine - 2

So, Brad Pitt but no Brad Pitt. How’s that even possible?

Craft! Which is why it’s called craft! It demands the highest degree of identification and mind agility, not to mention other virtues like passion, commitment, and sincerity to pull off something that’s almost next to impossible.

But, those who rise to the – extremely nuanced and complex – occasion are the ones who become stars.

And, there aren’t many of them.

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