Revolutionary Road-2

Security is paramount. We can’t sleep well if we don’t feel secure.

We need to feel secure with people – most definitely with our dear ones. We need to feel secure in the environment we live in. We need to get secure with our economic status.

Be blessed with all of these, then this fluttering thing called happiness lands on us like a butterfly. Delicate. Fleeting. Yet, there. A bunch of colours.

So, security is paramount. On very logical parameters.

But, job security?

What’s that? Why does the very mention of this compound noun strike a discordant chord?

‘Cause, there’s something unnatural about its very composition. There’s something comatose about the side effects this addictive state of mind triggers.

Complacency. Inertia. Lethargy. Stupor.

All vital indications of:

  • loss of intellectual appetite
  • that raging fire of curiosity getting extinguished
  • all the positive ‘human design’ codes getting hacked

Job Security – a very subversive and artificially sweetened sedative – calls for a pretty clinical unraveling, so we can understand the nefarious and almost indefatigable ways in which it works.

Which is exactly what Kate Winslet does in the movie Revolutionary Road. She sees how, against all her humongous efforts to kindle the latent fire of passion in Leonardo DiCaprio, he still slips away from her and settles down in the mind-numbingly sedated zone called job security.

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