Yes! That’s exactly what I experienced watching Tenet!

The intoxicating high of witnessing a literally mind-bending and mind-numbing plot – which I didn’t understand, of course – slowly unfold on the IMAX canvas, bombarded by explosive background score and stunning cinematography was nothing short of adrenaline.

As always, Christopher Nolan demolishes the convention of the intelligence spy – à la Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt and James Bond – and lets his audience discover something brand new, by employing a language that’s so futuristic.

But, it was so futuristic that I found myself dragged way beyond what my already limited comprehension capabilities would permit me. I couldn’t understand 90% of what was spoken.

My only solace though was the protagonist himself getting the advice “Don’t even try to understand the concept. Just feel it.”

Which I also did. And, I succeeded in feeling something totally ethereal.

Also called Christopher Nolan.

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