Our life – to enjoy a balanced run – needs to tread on two tracks.

These tracks, interestingly, aren’t horizontally parallel. They are vertically parallel. That is, one lies below the other.

And, the track below is the one that gives traction to the life balance. Called Dharma, it stays camouflaged beneath the glittery surface consciousness. Intentionally. For a strong reason.

Though very simple and easy to track, it stays elusive for the unfocused and distracted minds… but, manifests itself to those who ‘seek’. As simple as that. As simple as a flower.

But, the key lies in the word ‘seek’. The mind should choose to seek. It should choose to recognize the traps of the surface consciousness. And, it should choose to dive deep and seek the dharmic track to stay rooted in life.

Life is, after all, all about choices. It’s up to us to make the appropriate ones that would lead us in the right direction.

DHARMA BY DESIGN – astutely yet sensitively treatised by Surekha Kothari – intends to throw light on what lies beneath. The Dharma. Exposing those predacious traps that lie scattered all around on the ‘surface’, eager to gobble up the unsuspecting and naïve minds, this insightful guide extends its hands to those who seek, leads them into deeper consciousness and ultimately takes them to ‘a universe in harmony’… a universe that shows them that they too are very much part of its harmonious self.

If they choose to see, that is.

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