The moon and the sun! The female and the male! The dark and the bright! The cold and the hot! The passive and the active!

Our universe is composed of forces that counter and oppose one another. Yet, they coexist without any friction and sometimes, even complement each for their very presence. The day and night alternating each other is a classic example of this reality. Shadow materializing right at the instance of light is another.

In a nutshell, this is what the Chinese philosophy of Yin-yang tells us… that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality and that we are very much part of this duality.

So, what do we learn from this simple truth? Is there any way we can apply this factual knowledge to the practical aspects of our life? How can we use this realization to live on a note of bliss and happiness?

We learn to live in harmony with the duality of life. ‘Cause, that’s something we just can’t do anything about.

We learn to listen more and argue less. ‘Cause, when we listen, we receive. When we argue, we resist.

We learn to accept whatever that comes our way. ‘Cause, that puts us in sync with the universe’s natural flow. We learn to lead a simple life. ‘Cause, we realize that complicating things is going to alienate us from the cosmic rhythm.

We learn not to race with other people. We enjoy being who we actually are.

We learn that in such simple lessons lies true happiness.

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