Some of us are voracious readers. We just wanna read. And, keep reading.

Bookstores, therefore, are our greatest getaways. Walking down the aisles, looking at those long rows of books gives us so much pleasure. And, the prospect of discovering new topics, new authors, and new stories excites us no end. And so, starts our adventure of spotting the right content in the sea of books which are at display.

The first thing our scanning eye catches is the book cover. Naturally. ‘Cause, that’s the face of the book. Both literally and figuratively. If it’s designed well, the book runs a good chance of our picking it up. Else… too bad!

This is very much like how we play by certain formulae to place successful people in life.

Studying well? Oh! No worries! You will shine in life.

Got distinction in academics? There you go! The brilliant you! You’re through in life.

Got yourself a good job with a good pay? You’ve arrived! And, you’re so covetable!

But, interestingly, there are souls who don’t fall under any of these categories. For us, they are up against all odds in life. Poor souls!


How about that backbencher who becomes an entrepreneur?

How about that hopeless introvert who ends up being a famous writer?

How about that consummate daydreamer who evolves into an aesthetic fashion designer?

And, how about that constant class bunker who muscles up into a respectable army officer?

None of these off-the-beat characters played by the formulaic rules of success. And, by that very reason, they surprised us and have proved us wrong in our judgements too.

So, lesson?

Never judge a book by its cover.

Never judge someone by their appearance.

Because, appearances can be deceptive. For good.

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