Know me!

Experience is a great teacher.

As we go along, we gather lots of insights. Some of them are life-changing. And, some of them are infinitesimal… but, by no means are these tiny lessons inconsequential. They carry the potential to transcend our very thoughts at a much deeper level.

With this realization leading me, I set out to record insights that dawn on me… more as an online diary than anything else, so I can refer them for myself in future.

My pleasure, of course, would double up if you too find these reflections worthy of your contemplation.

My journey:

Over two decades! And, excitedly counting!

Different terrains… Photography. Radio Jockeying. Production Design. Advertising. Learning Design. Writing.

All of these seemingly disparate (but deeply interconnected) experiences have brought about a sublime realization… that all roads lead to a more meaningful destination.

What adds zing to the whole journey are those inscrutable plateaus that make me wonder if things are fine. They are.

Recalling Paulo Coelho, when we want to do something meaningful in life, the entire Universe conspires in helping us achieve it. Feels wonderful, this Belief! Or, should I say Faith?

Eagerly looking forward:

THE ASTRAL SURGE, my debut novel, is now available on amazon. Looking to release THE HOPE MAFIA mid-2020.

Some of my freezes:

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